Change Gear to Your Online Business: Create Successful Customer Experience

In the era of the experience economy, the focus shifts from the product to the experience users have around it, which often begins with a click.
Create personalized marketing campaigns, retain your customers over time and discover how to increase their value thanks to the contribution of marketing automation and artificial intelligence.

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Audience Profiling and Segmentation

It uses demographic data and valuable information on interests, browsing and buying behaviour. Find out where users are in the customer lifecycle.

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Customer Engagement

Personalize the experience of your users and customers even when they choose to leave the site or not complete a purchase: create personalized and relevant customer experiences across multiple channels for effective retention strategies.

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Customer Experience Omnichannel

From the personalization of online communication and offers to the creation of unique experiences also in the point of sale: this is how an omnichannel strategy is realized. ‍

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Main Sectors


The brand-consumer experience and relationship doesn't end within a site. Learn how to create winning omnichannel marketing automation strategies that put your customer at the center.
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Food & Wine

Suggest the product that best suits your user's taste or buying habits and tempt his tastebuds: create personalized and relevant customer experiences regardless of the channel
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Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical

Personalized offers but not only: know in depth the needs of customers and prospects and offer them content and products in line with their expectations, becoming a point of reference in an increasingly competitive market.
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New channels, new purchasing habits and ways of interacting with the brand also in the world of furniture. Discover how to give life to new strategies that open and close the sales process, taking into account the different user touchpoints.
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Pet Care

Create relevant online and offline customer experiences: discover how to build consumer loyalty with real-time data intelligence and personalization of products and communications.
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From consumer electronics to personal and home care products and accessories, discover how marketing automation and artificial intelligence can help you grow your business.
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