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Create a truly Personalized Navigation Experience!

Automatically customize your ecommerce or lead generation site in real time.
Each visitor will be able to live a unique experience based on his or her navigation, interest and behaviour.
You will be able to recognize, for example, a new user, a user who buys with low or high frequency or who comes from a particular channel: you can then show him/her products and messages that are relevant to him/her.

Content Customization

Recognize the behavior and history of your users - even anonymous ones - and offer them relevant content according to the segment they belong to.
You can customize slideshows, images, banners or any other communication element of your web pages.

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Dynamic Recommendations

You can use various algorithms, customizable for each user segment, so you can always show the most relevant products to each individual visitor.
Use these recommendation algorithms on every page of your site:

  • ✓ Home Page
  • ✓ Category Page
  • ✓ Product Page
  • ✓ Shopping Cart
  • ✓ Thank You Page
  • ✓ ...and any other page you want...

maximizing up-sell and cross-sell opportunities!

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Behavioral Messages

Take action before your users leave the site!
Show them messages (pop-ups, banners) during the navigation, urging in the most appropriate way undecided users to interpret their behavior and intervene in real-time.
These messages will be customized by Adabra with the most suitable content and products for each user segment, all automatically!

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Dynamic Contact Form

Collect more valuable information about your users by asking them direct questions at the right time: Adabra's dynamic forms allow you to collect data at multiple times, always keeping track of the reference to the individual user.

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Artificial Intelligence

Adabra's Artificial Intelligence will be able to learn your visitors' behaviors and solicit them in the most appropriate way.

Create personalized customer experiences for your clients.

Discover the full potential of Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

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