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Reengage Your Visitors with Custom Messages

Adabra provides you with a powerful trigger engine, capable of activating customized and unique communications for each of your customers, on all channels available to you.
You will then be able to create reengagement experiences suitable for different user segments and communicate with them in the way they prefer.

300 Types of Trigger

You will have over 300 types of triggers available that will allow you to re-engage your visitors using, alternatively or in synergy, the following communication channels:

  • ✓ E-mail
  • ✓ SMS
  • ✓ Facebook (Custom audience and Notification)
  • ✓ Telegram
  • ✓ Messenger
  • ✓ In App Notification

Real Time and Planned Triggers

Using real time or planned triggers you can then define a series of customized reengage experiences, able to solicit different types of users in the most appropriate way.

ESP: Full Integration with Third Party Platforms

If your company is already using an email marketing platform, Adabra provides you with a powerful widget that integrates (via esp) with the creativity used, injecting customized products and messages into these communications.
This makes your communications much more effective without additional effort and in a fully automated way.

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