Improve the Performance of Your Ads Campaigns with Artificial Intelligence

Create a customised customer experience for each of your users, even on the channels they like to use the most, with personalised and effective remarketing campaigns.
Optimise your advertising investments by offering content and offers created ad hoc on the basis of the campaign in question.

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ADS Automation: Key Features

Facebook Audience

Create social campaigns by exploiting the full potential of artificial intelligence: with Adabra you can not only synchronize your audiences on Facebook Business Manager, but also create campaigns directly on the platform. And if Facebook is an excellent acquisition channel, optimize your investments by customizing the contents of your website.

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Google ADS Audience

More relevant ads and a significantly higher CTR?
With Adabra you can synchronize your audiences with Google Ads and create dedicated ads for each segment of your audience, personalizing the browsing experience for each user. Improving the performance of your campaigns is even easier thanks to the contribution of artificial intelligence.

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Create Customised Customer Experiences
for your customers.

Discover the full potential of Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

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