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In the era of the experience economy the focus shifts from the product to the experience that users live around it and that often begins with a click. Create personalized marketing campaigns, retain your customers over time and discover how to increase their value thanks to the contribution of Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

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"Our customers' data are the greatest evidence of the trust they have in our company.
A source of great pride but also a drive to do better and better."‍
Gian Mario Infelici, Chief Executive Officer Adabra

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"The experiences lived in these 10 years of working in close contact with the great Italian realities with which we had the pleasure and privilege to work have allowed a mutual contamination guided by the sharing of common goals and values".
Lucia Milighetti, Chief Operations Officer
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Audience Profiling and Segmentation

When the customer visits a Camicissima shop and authorize us to profile him, he gives us access to all of his data and allows us to analyze them. Thanks to this we can predict what he may like and offer him an appropriate product, made just for him.

Gaspare Candido
Digital & eCommerce Manager

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