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Use Your Segments to Customize Your Experience also on Social Media

Thanks to the synchronization of segments and product catalog you can also contact your users through social networks.
You can then show them specific messages and products according to the segment they belong to, thus creating an even more contextualized and relevant communication.
In addition to information about the products you have seen, you will be able to insert messages for the user, as an incentive to make the first purchase or to achieve certain statuses in a loyalty program.

Campaign Manager

With Adabra, you can manage these re-engagement campaigns directly from the platform.
Once the campaign is set up, Adabra will keep both user segments and the product catalog aligned, substantially simplifying your work and automating campaign delivery.
In fact, messages can also be triggered evem for the individual user based on his behavior or belonging to a specific segment.

Improve the Results of Your Lead Ads Campaigns

In Adabra you'll find native integration with Facebook Lead Ads.
This tool allows you to connect your Adabra Facebook App directly to Facebook, automatically creating lead segments from these campaigns.
You can then create relevant navigation experiences for these segments, dynamically customizing landing pages, site navigation and direct communications.
This will increase the conversion rate of these campaigns!

Optimise Your Investment with a Personalised Experience

Once your segments are created and synchronized, you will have the opportunity to engage consumers with a personalized experience both on your website and through the different communication channels available to you, thus maximizing the yield of your ADV campaigns.

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for your customers.

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