Dynamic Contact Form

Collect information about your customers and use it to better profile them.

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Gather More Information, in Simple Mode

The easiest way to gather information about your consumers is to ask them direct questions.
Thanks to Adabra you will be able to siphon this information collection, in a process that aggregates and unifies all the information collected on the same user over time, thus building increasingly precise profiles.

Show Form in Dynamic Mode

Show the questions dynamically only to the segment of users you are interested in and at the right time.
By increasing the relevance and timeliness of your requests you will get more answers.

Quick and Intuitive Editor

Thanks to a quick and intuitive editor you can build different types of forms, from single questions to more articulated questionnaires.

Use forms on different channels

Use the forms not only within your website but also through the other communication channels available to you, using the most effective channel of information collection for each user segment.

Create personalized customer experiences for your clients.

Discover the full potential of Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

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