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Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra

Improveand increase the performance of your eCommerce developed with Adobe Commerce thanks to Adabra.

In a few simple clicks you can integrate your eCommerce with the leading Customer Data Platform for volumes of data managed.
Collect data and information on your users/customers from multiple channels, deploy the most effective audience profiling and segmentation strategies, and give every user who accesses your shop a tailor-made browsing and purchasing experience.

Subscribed and registered shop users, but not only: with Adabra you can also make the most of the potential of all your anonymous users, more than 98% of your audience. Recognise them, segment them and engage them with activities that can stimulate them to "reveal themselves."

Put in place a truly omnichannel marketing automation strategy using the multiple channels available.

Key Benefits

Fast and easy integration
Sophisticated tracking and profiling systems even for anonymous users
Advanced user segmentation
Real-time customisation of content and product offerings
Creation of dynamic up-selling and cross-selling strategies


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