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Create personalized customer experiences for your users and improve the performance of your Magento eCommerce with Adabra.

In a few simple clicks you can integrate your eCommerce with the marketing automation platform thanks to the native plugin developed ad hoc for Magento. Easy and simple to install, during setup it doesn't slow down the site and allows a practical and fast integration of user data, as well as order data and products in the catalog.

Enhancing Magento with Adabra means, among other things, equipping it with a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence engine that will allow you to segment your audience and predict their behavior.
You will be able to learn which are the users that bring you more value and implement a really omnichannel marketing automation strategy using the multiple channels available.

Key Benefits

Simple and fast integration
Sophisticated tracking and profiling systems, even for anonymous users
Advanced user segmentation
Real-time customization of content and product offer
Creation of dynamic up-selling and cross-selling strategies


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