Adabra Integration - Prestashop

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra

Increase the sales of your eCommerce made with Prestashop, discover all the potential of marketing automation and artificial intelligence.

With plug-in integration for Prestashop eCommerce, you can take advantage of the full potential of Adabra and create personalized and valuable customer experiences for your users and customers.

Track and analyze the buying and browsing behavior of each individual user, attract their attention with personalized communication and messages, propose products and offers tailored to their interests and see their value grow over time: by customizing and automating each interaction, creating loyalty strategies will seem even easier.


Quick and easy integration with a significant reduction in setup time
Tracking user browsing and purchasing behaviour 
Data collection within a single environment
Dynamic profiling and segmentation using the potential of artificial intelligence 
Creating relevant and customised customer experiences Increasing online shop performance in terms of sales


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Create Customised Customer Experiences
for your customers.

Discover the full potential of Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

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