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Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra

Customer Service 2.0

With Adabra you can equip your customer service operators with tools that allow you to identify and predict the behavior of customers interacting with them, significantly increasing, in addition to conversions, the level of service provided.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra
Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra

Customize each User's Interaction with Your Support

Improve the efficiency of your call center: provide your operators with the possibility to propose promotions and customized offers to each customer.
With Adabra intelligence, operators will be able to offer products, discount codes and promotions, defined by the marketing department and selected by Adabra based on the profile of the user interacting with your support.
You can activate this module for both phone support and web chat.

Monetize the Work done by Your Operators

By mixing the activities carried out through the Adabra CRM module with the other proposed tools, you can automatically continue the work of contacting users who have interacted with your support.
It will be possible to send recall emails and sms, show reminders on the website whenever they visit it, so as to encourage them to complete a new purchase.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra

Create Customised Customer Experiences
for your customers.

Discover the full potential of Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

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