Content Customization

Customize your communication, get closer to people.
Our artificial intelligence engine takes all the data into account and continuously learns.

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To Each User, the Right Message

Create personalized customer experiences for your users, starting with content such as text and images: Adabra allows you to customize your website in every detail, allowing you to create truly "tailor-made" navigation experiences.

Show each Customer the Ideal Communication

Customize in real time all the communication of your site to show your visitors the content best suited to their interests.

Customize also for Non Registered Users

Show different messages according to the user's segments, recognizing for example new users compared to users who have already purchased from your site: each of them will see the most relevant messages.
Increase the number of leads generated by messages and incentives created specifically for users who have not yet registered.

On-site and Off-site customization.

Thanks to Adabra, you can customize your communication both on and off the site, using the different channels available.
Dynamic re-targeting and personalized emails are just a few examples of how to re-target the user in the best way.

Create personalized customer experiences for your clients.

Discover the full potential of Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

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