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Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra

A.I Marketing Automation Omnichannel

Adabra allows you to create unique and personalized experiences for each user, coordinating and adapting your marketing activities in real time across all online and offline channels.
Centralized audiences and sophisticated algorithms, able to learn and adapt to user behavior, allow you to effectively optimize your sales results.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra
Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra

Audience Analytics

Know and recognize users and customers: the sophisticated tracking system allows you to collect a lot of information about your visitors, even if anonymous, collecting data from all your online and offline channels.
Thanks to its structure as a Customer Data Platform, Adabra allows you to aggregate all information at the individual user level: personal information, browsing and purchasing behavior, and interests can be used to profile and segment your users, creating personalized customer experiences for each of them.

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Custom Campaigns

Contents, messages, products: customize the experience of each visitor within your website or your eCommerce in real time.
Each visitor will be able to live a "tailor-made" browsing and purchasing experience, viewing potentially more relevant and interesting messages and products at the most appropriate time.
Adabra's artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms will learn users' behaviours and will be able to prompt them in the most appropriate way.

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Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra
Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra

Marketing Automation

Automate every interaction with your users and customers and send them customised communications in terms of content and frequency, reaching them on the channels they use most, from social networks to websites, emails or SMS.
You will be able to implement effective marketing personalization strategies, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of each contact.
Finally, don't miss the opportunity to intercept your customers at the most opportune moment, while they are buying a product or visiting a web page, to propose targeted offers and personalized messages.

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Digital Ads

Improve the performance of your ADS campaigns and optimize your investments: Adabra allows you to synchronize audiences and segments in order to create highly profiled targets for your Google or Facebook campaigns.
Finally, customize the browsing and purchasing experience for users who land on your site from specific campaigns in order to make them consistent with the advertising content, thus increasing the ROI and the conversion rate of your paid channels.

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Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra
Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra

Mobile Marketing

Reach your users with personalized messages and customized offers even on the move: with Adabra you can send personalized SMS, notifications in the APP and perform effective reengagement activities even outside the traditional web and email channels.
Integrate a "drive to store" marketing strategy with your digital strategies, use the web channel to increase the number of visitors and customers in your stores.

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Retail Marketing

The customer journey is more and more omnichannel and the point of sale is a fundamental touchpoint in the purchasing process: discover how to personalize and create relevant customer exeriences also within your points of sale.
The potential of Adabra, as a Customer Data Platform, and of Artificial Intelligence allows you to provide your salespeople with dashboards and tools to improve their sales performance.
Accurate data and information and the analysis of the behavior of similar users will make it easier for them to propose personalized offers and products more in line with customer expectations.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra

Create Customised Customer Experiences
for your customers.

Discover the full potential of Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

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