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Know Your Consumers and Centralize the Management of Your Segments

Are your marketing activities, digital and non-digital, focused on your customers?
Thanks to Adabra's advanced segmentation, you'll be able to use demographic, past and present behavior characteristics and understand the stage users are within the Customer Lifecycle, tracking their behavior both online and offline.
These dynamic segments, updated in real time, will allow you to get to know your users better, building dedicated experiences for them.

Customer Segmentations

Segments: Real Time Tastes and Preferences

The ability to create dynamic segments will allow you to:

with your users in real time, always showing consistent and relevant messages.
outside of your properties, displaying relevant products and messages.
Have updated data
on the browsing and purchasing behaviour of your users, even if this happens offline.
Provide a customer service
custom made for your customer, also performing from a marketing point of view.

Advanced Reporting for Audience Monitoring

Thanks to the advanced reporting tools you will be able to understand in real time how users are moving within your website, as well as predict how they will behave in the future.
Adabra follows your visitors throughout their lifecycle, from their first anonymous browsing of your site, to their first purchase and beyond, recognizing your best customers or users at risk of abandonment.
This will give you a clear picture of the relevance of the various segments, from the numerically most significant ones, to the niches that show particular interest in your brand.


Within Adabra you will have the ability to create filters based on the user's lifecycle, behavior, real time activity and demographic characteristics.
These filters can be mixed together to create complex segments that can accurately describe your audience in order to study dedicated experiences for each cluster or user segment.


Segments are one of the main elements that let artificial intelligence express its full potential.
Machine Learning
and predictive ability will allow to analyze and predict in a very accurate way the behaviors or the rewarding solicitations for each user belonging to each segment.

Create personalized customer experiences for your clients.

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