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The Future of Retail between Customer Experience and Omnicanality

The eCommerce world is always marking new goals, month after month, but retail still represents a force capable of generating a third of the world's domestic product: technological innovation and the evolution of purchasing habits have not led to a clash between the offline and online world, but on the contrary, what emerges is the progressive breaking down of barriers.
We talk about omnichannel strategies and the need to preserve customer centricity also for physical sales channels.

Customer Segmentations

Marketing Automation for Retail

Creating a relevant and valuable experience for a customer is essential, even in the store. It is there that the consumer often concludes the purchase even if the search for the product has started online.
Today the integration between online and offline experience is the key to success for omni-channel retailers and it is fundamental to have specific tools able to dialogue with both digital and physical properties.

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Adabra Point of Sale Platform

Thanks to the integration with management softwares and cash applications, Adabra allows you to combine online data with information collected offline: you can track customers, collect data and information even in store. This means that you can provide your sales staff with detailed dashboards on customers, allowing them to customize products and promotions in store.

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