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Omnichannel B2C Strategies

Conscious, informed, demanding: the modern consumer is increasingly looking for a personalized shopping experience: it creates relevant and valuable customer experiences at every physical and digital touchpoint.

Many Touchpoints, One Consumer

Demanding, selective, autonomous, conscious, less and less loyal to the brand: today's consumer is often looking for experiences to live more than products to buy. Technological innovation has also contributed to make the customer journey more and more complex and fragmented, multiplying the opportunities and methods of interaction with the brand.
Hence the growing need for companies and brands to implement omni-channel strategies to enhance the customer experience in every physical and digital touchpoint.

Customer Segmentations

Know Your Users and Customers

Personal data, browsing behavior, buying habits and preferences: take advantage of Adabra's potential and, with the support of our team, discover how to best profile and segment your audience, increasing its value over time: machine learning and artificial intelligence will allow you to understand the behavior and discover the rewarding solicitations for each individual user.

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Customize their Customer Experience

From profiling and segmentation of users to customizing their experience: rely on the expertise of the Adabra team and choose the most effective and performing activities for your marketing automation strategy. The platform offers numerous features and tools that, when integrated, allow you to engage your users, engage your visitors and automate each interaction in each different communication channel.

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Online and in your stores

Identify your customers even when they visit your store and offer them an offline experience coherent with the digital one. This is where the success of a true omnichannel strategy lies. Because of its Customer Data Platform nature, Adabra allows you to collect data about every single one of your users and customers in a single dashboard. With the help of our team, you can find out how to use all the available channels to re-engage your consumers and, as a result, measure
eCommerce's contribution to the growth of your offline sales.contribution of eCommerce to the growth of your offline sales.

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