Lead Generation

Acquire traffic is only the first step: discover how to transform an anonymous user into a registered user first and then a customer.
An effective marketing automation and web personalization strategy can be the key to your success.

Increase your Leads, Transform them more effectively in Prospects and Clients

Creating an effective traffic acquisition campaign is only the first step for a successful lead generation strategy: the real challenge is to transform anonymous users accessing our site or eCommerce into registered users. It is on the latter, in fact, that we will focus most of our marketing strategies, aiming at their loyalty.
Rely on the experience and professionalism of the Adabra team and discover how to create successful lead generation and lead nurturing strategies.

Customer Segmentations

From Anonymous to Registered User

Approximately 98% of users who visit a site choose to remain anonymous. If you want to improve the unveil rate and stimulate them to register, a simple contact form won't be enough. You will need a strategy that, starting from the analysis of data related to their browsing behavior, allows you to put in place the most effective activities to stimulate them to release data.

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More Data and Personalized Experiences

To bring success to your project you need to know in detail your users' contact data, navigation behaviors, but not only: knowing in detail your users represents the real added value. Much of the information, however, is not deductible but must be provided. It becomes necessary to customize the experience of users and request additional data at the most appropriate times with "tailored" messages.
The Adabra team offers you the best solution to grow your user base at every stage of your lead generation strategy.

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Lead Nurturing

Acquiring leads, turning them into prospects and then into clients, involves building a real relationship.
Technically we speak of lead nurturing, which practically means "cultivating and feeding" your contacts in order to lead them naturally to the purchase of a product/service.
Marketing automation and artificial intelligence are valuable allies for your lead nurturing strategies and customization of your users' customer experience.

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