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Anticipate preferences and customize content

Create sophisticated analysis and segmentation strategies to get to know your customers

Thanks to Adabra, we were able to aggregate information from all the different touch-points, making each consumer's experience unique. The concrete results have been an increase in the conversion rate, in the average receipt and in the Customer Lifetime Value.

Cecilia Schena

Create sophisticated analysis and segmentation strategies to get to know your customers

Beauty Industry Director


of purchases is made online with the contribution of the physical store as a touchpoint in the purchasing decision making process. (Netcomm Forum, May 2019)

Simple and Powerful Integrations

"Dozens of active customers both in Magento V installations. 1.x and Magento V. 2.x both in On Premise and Cloud versions".

"Integration with Wordpress and Adabra is extremely effective and simple. In addition to the basic integration we also offer integrations with many of the most used plugins."

"Thanks to the official integration between Adabra and Zendesk, it is possible to make the two systems communicate automatically and enrich the information available to your customer service operators."

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Acknowledgements and awards

Over the years, we received some important awards and won prestigious national and international competitions
All Functionality in one Centralized Platform
With Adabra you can manage all your marketing channels through a single dashboard designed to optimize your performance.
User Profiling

Segment your audience by hundreds of factors.

Web personalization

Create rules for your website to change and adapt to user interests.

Email and Sms Marketing

Automate email and SMS sending with trigger and workflow rules.

Lead Generation and R.O.I.

Automate digital ads and lead generation campaigns.


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