Create Personalized Customer Experiences that Improve the Performance of Your Online Shop

In an increasingly competitive market such as online publishing, gaining readers through personalized and valuable customer experiences becomes essential. Knowing their interests and passions and anticipating their desires, providing advice and title suggestions at the right time, is the key to growing your online business.

Publishing industry, a market in continuous evolution

eBooks, audio books, paper books, gadgets: the world of publishing opens up to new horizons and becomes an attractive market for publishers. The challenge with generalist players can hardly be played on the price, so aspects related to service and customer experience become relevant.

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Customization and Customer Experience

Suggest to the customer the product that best suits his interests at the best time to buy: effective audience profiling systems and sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms allow to personalize every communication and contact opportunity.

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A.I. Marketing Automation

Adabra is the predictive marketing automation solution for the media and publishing industry that allows you to create a fully personalized user experience for customers and prospects.
Create personalized marketing campaigns!

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Marketing Automation Media and Publishing: Key Features

Dynamic Profiling and Segmentation

Centralize within a single environment data and information on your users coming from different channels and use them to profile them: thanks to Adabra's advanced segmentation system you can cluster your contacts according to interests, passions, authors and preferred genres and use this information to personalize their customer experience in every detail.

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Dynamic Contact Form

Personal data, browsing and purchasing behaviour but not only: collect more information that will allow you to segment your audience in even more detail, knowing their habits and interests. With Adabra's dynamic forms you can create a progressive profiling strategy, aggregating all the information collected from time to time.

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Behavioral Messages

Pop-up, static, warning message and more: transform each of your visitors into a lead, show relevant and coherent behavioural messages according to the navigation path and to the segment they belong to, accompany the user to perform actions, personalising their customer experience within the eCommerce site.

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Trigger Campaigns

From the personalisation of messages and product offers within the site, to the sending of targeted communications that can be used on several channels, from SMS to e-mail: thanks to the more than 300 types of Adabra triggers, it is possible to contact the user even when they choose to leave the site or not complete the purchase, or simply to thank them on special occasions.

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Dynamic Recommendations

More relevant customer experience for every single user: thanks to Adabra's artificial intelligence algorithms, you can customize product offers within the different sections of the online shop, activating effective cross-selling and up-selling strategies and increasing sales and average ticket value.

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