Create a Successful Customer Experience for Your Travel Customers

Learn more about their passions and interests, leverage the full potential of marketing automation andartificial intelligence to deliver personalized experiences, right from the first click.

Tourists and Digital Travelers

They are demanding, aware, informed, perhaps increasingly difficult to satisfy: today tourists and travelers, especially if they prefer digital channels, are looking for real experiences to live.

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Travel Customer Experience

Personalized offers, real-time information, possibility to share comments and reviews: in the era of the customer experience, offer your customers the service most in line with their needs.

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Marketing Automation

Adabra is the predictive marketing automation solution for the travel industry that allows you to create unique, personalized and valuable experiences for your customers and prospects in every online and offline touch point.

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Travel Marketing Automation: Key Features

Audience Analytics

Take advantage of Adabra's advanced segmentation potential. With Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence you will be able to predict which will be the rewarding behaviors and solicitations for each individual user.

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Content Customization

Customize the content of your site not only for registered users but also for users who visit it for the first time according to the interests shown or the campaigns from which they come, offering them the best offers or destinations more inclined to their habits.

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Behavioral Messages

Show your users personalized messages such as pop-ups, banners and text messages and let them live unique experiences by offering, at the right time, content relevant to their interests.

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Dynamic Contact Form

Collect important data that will help you to better profile your users (favourite destinations, travel habits, favourite accommodation...) by showing your questions to the right user segments and at the right time.

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Email Marketing

Contact each individual user with customized communication in content and frequency.
Emails with offers but not only: follow up campaigns for users who stayed at your property or chose to book their holiday with you.

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SMS and Geolocalized Marketing

Make your customers' experience even more exciting. When they are visiting a particular location, send them text messages inviting them to return to your site and discover your offers, curiosities and useful information such as restaurants, monuments and places to discover.

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