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What benefits can I get for my ecommerce using the Adabra platform?

Adabra is a platform designed to improve your KPIs by creating unique and personalized experiences for your users. With Adabra you can:

  • Recognize the user
  • Fully customize communication on all channels

All this naturally brings the following advantages:

  • Increase in sales
  • Increase upselling / cross-selling / drive to store
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improve ROI
  • Personal shopper online and offline always up to date

Through Adabra you can monitor many metrics in real time including:

  1. Page View increment
  2. Product View increment
  3. Increase Average Order Value (Increase Average Cart Value)
  4. Increase Average Order Size (Increase of the number of products per Medium Cart)
  5. decrease Remove from Cart
  6. Increase Leads
  7. Increase User registration
  8. Click Trough Rate increase via direct/trigger
  9. Open Rate increase via newsletter/direct/trigger

Why is Adabra different? What are its strengths compared to other customization and marketing automation solutions?

Adabra is a different platform for 3 main reasons

  • is natively omnichannel (online and offline)
  • allows you to segment users starting from their behaviours and using all data sources in real time, creating dynamic clusters based on the user's lifecycle and beyond
  • has a customization engine driven by artificial intelligence that enables predictive marketing strategies

Isn't that enough for you? Go into each of the points below in more detail. Omnichannel from its beginnings. Adabra has an horizontal setting. This allows the segmentation and customization engine to be shared between all communication channels (site, social, email, store, customer care, etc.). The resulting benefit is the possibility to share strategies and decisions even among several departments (marketing, communication, customer service, retail) in a fully automatic way simply by defining rules for each channel. This approach is substantially different from many solutions that focus only on website customization or email communication. Adabra interacts in real time with each user regardless of channel and this allows to offer a personalized and consistent experience during the customer journey, even offline through customer service or points of sale. Adabra has a feature called experience manager that allows you to design personalized experiences, making all channels interact. Dynamic segmentation, on all data, in real time, based on the lifecycle. To get a complete view of the consumer, you need to take into account all available data and update it in real time. Adabra does not only customize the offer based on the user's navigation, but takes into account all the history and contextual variables. For this reason, it fully segregates the user's status at that exact moment: for example, if he is at risk (because he hasn't purchased for a long time), if he is waiting (leaving the pages or the shopping cart), if he is hero (buying many products and frequently). Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Marketing. Adabra works on all available data from every source and constantly learns to refine its knowledge of users. Adabra Artificial Intelligence contains 12 algorithms capable of grouping people based on similar behavior by profile and/or behavior. The machine learning system constantly learns from the audience and all the information helps to anticipate the next move. As the user interacts with Adabra, the platform reconnects the similarity information and proposes what it considers the winning product for sale. In addition, it can independently determine which channel to do it on based on the user's customer journey.

Will I have guaranteed and constant technical assistance?

Of course. We offer our professionalism to help you achieve your goals. The contract includes a package of hours of assistance to start the project and train you on the use of the platform. Our customers are then given access to the Adabra Academy, a series of free training appointments on the platform and marketing automation strategies to stay up to date with our world's innovations. Last but not least, if you follow our social profiles, our blog or subscribe to our newsletter you will receive a series of interesting content to read and download to stay updated on these topics.

Do you have a retailer program?

Of course, our program allows you to get exclusive benefits and targeted activities. If you want to join our partner program and become part of our community, send your application through the appropriate form.

Does Adabra allow the management of multiple websites and catalogues at the same time?

Of course, Adabra is structured to manage: infinite websites (among which you can share segmentations) infinite catalogs (characterized by different languages and currencies).

Can Adabra also work on B2B e-commerce models?

Of course. We can automate learning processes so that our algorithms recognize Business Users and offer different products and communications. Also, the automatic systems will be differentiated so that they don't "clash" with any consumer catalogues.

Installation and Configuration

Do you need any special technical skill to use Adabra?

No, it's very simple. The plugin installation is fast and the structure of the dashboard is designed to make the actions to be done and the metrics to be monitored clear and visible.

Will Adabra integration slow my site down? Could it lead to errors?

Absolutely not! Adabra scripts do not create problems (unlike other partially developed platforms with server side functionality). Our algorithms are invoked through JavaScript in asynchronous mode and "exist" within an isolated "Adabra" object.Precisely for this reason they do not cause problems or slowdowns and they look like this (in a similar way to the famous Google Analytics scripts): Customized Namespace: in some cases some of our customers who want for various reasons to "keep" the provider of their intelligence technology secret, have asked us to customize the "namespace" so that they have within their website scripts that do not contain but yoursitename.ext.

My e-commerce is developed on a custom / proprietary platform. How can I integrate Adabra?

Integration is feasible and effortless. 40% of our customers now use Custom or Proprietary platforms. Just follow the "Adabra How to" technical manual that we will provide you to integrate Adabra and you'll be ready in no time.

My e-commerce is developed on a commercial CMS platform. Can I install Adabra?

Yes ! Adabra currently supports over twenty of the most popular e-commerce platforms. Thanks to the available integrations and plugins (link), customers can easily continue working with their systems without changing the way they work. Adabra is compatible with any e-commerce and, as mentioned in the previous point, it is easy to install!

How do I install Adabra in my e-commerce?

Ease of installation and use is one of Adabra's strengths. Just enter some javascripts that we will send you via email or install our plugins, ready for the main platforms on the market (see here our already active integrations). It only takes a few minutes to activate Adabra.


Can I use Adabra in my physical store?

Of course, Adabra is a solution designed specifically for total retail. You can finally show your stores that digital channels are not "their main competitor" but actually an important ally also in the generation of drive to store activities. Our system can be integrated with checkout systems. The sales assistant, once identified the user, can display the type of active offers, tastes and preferences and guide the interaction already knowing what has happened on ecommerce and other channels.

Will I be able to manage the discount codes dynamically?

Yes, we confirm it, with Adabra you can manage your disciunts code both manually and automatically. This means that you can add or modify a discount code at any time directly from the Adabra platform. If your couponing strategy involves the dynamic creation of coupons and maybe personalized coupons linked to individual users or products, we offer an api integration system so that we can synchronize with your cms.

I already have an active call center. It is possible to integrate it with the potential offered by Adabra?

Absolutely. Thanks to Adabra's intelligence, all support and customer care activities will be facilitated and will contribute to the business by offering products, discount codes and promotions without wasting time. Adabra can show to the customer care operators proposals that has already been approved by the marketing department, taking into account the user's profile. Support via chat, text, phone, email, you can choose the means you prefer to make re-engagement more effective for your customers.

How do you generate the product recommendations to be incorporated into the newsletters?

Our recommendations are calculated and generated in real time when the user opens (on open) the newsletter or other e-mail that we sent. Based on historical information about the user (products displayed, previous clicks, purchases, etc.), we are able to offer the most relevant products to each user, in a personalized and unique way!

Does Adabra offer a trigger-related automation system?

Yes, one of Adabra's strengths lies in the very high level of automation. We now manage over 200 types of triggers on all channels from email to social. Thanks to our experience manager functionality, you can design different workflows for each user segment, creating custom paths for each one. Adabra will independently determine whether to activate planned triggers based on the outcome of interactions.

Is Adabra compatible with email services?

Of course. Adabra's recommendation engine customizations can be integrated in any HTML newsletter. Through a few steps, and thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, each recipient can be communicated the best products based on his or her profile and buying habits, in a personal and unique way. If you already have a reference ESP we can integrate without problems.


What kind of customization can I get with Adabra?

Adabra allows you to customize products and messages for each user (everyone will see different things according to their profile/segment) on all channels: slide show of your site, banner, pop up, email, sms, facebook ads, push notification, telegram, adwords, etc. Not only, you can also offer to your customer service and stores the opportunity to customize their communication.

How much can I customize the graphic elements?

To the top level! Adabra offers in fact two customization modes: the first "simplified" by an editor, which allows even those who do not have technical knowledge (html, css, meta programming) to use and customize the templates provided by Adabra, the second "advanced" through which you can rewrite and modify at will every element managed through Adabra. You will find all the native style classes in your e-commerce site, so you can reuse them without having to write additional code. You can customize the structure of the template, its html and, thanks to the meta language offered by Adabra, you can insert variables, return product cycles, etc..

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