Marketing Automation and Retail: Personalize Your Users' Online Experience

In a general context like that of the Mass Market Retailers, it becomes essential to store data and information on customers and users in order to calibrate offers and content on the basis of interests and specific needs encountered, so as to increase the performance of the online shop.

MMR Online: Shopping just a click away

All the convenience of shopping at the click of a button: eCommerce has become an important channel for the retail sector, alongside offline sales. The high number of references, managed catalogues and consumers requires centralised data management.

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Customized Customer Experience

Always offer the best product to the right person: an effective strategy of personalization of the contents and products offered allows to improve the performance of the online store in terms of growth in the number and value of orders.

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A.I. Marketing Automation Omnichannel

Adabra is the predictive marketing automation solution for the large-scale retail sector that allows you to create a fully personalized 360° marketing experience for customers and prospects, coordinating and adapting market activities in real time.

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Marketing Automation Retail Sector: Key Features

Audience Analytics

Thanks to sophisticated tracking systems and proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms, Adabra is able to collect large amounts of data from multiple channels, integrating them within a single environment and making them available at a single customer view level, even for anonymous users.

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Dynamic Recommendations

Show the right product at the right time: thanks to Adabra's artificial intelligence algorithms, you can customize product recommendations within the different sections of the online shop, activating effective cross-selling and dynamic up-selling strategies, increasing sales and average ticket value.

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Behavioral Messages

Pop-up, static, warning message and much more: it personalizes the browsing experience of every single user, showing messages and commercial proposals coherent with their browsing and purchasing path, it solicits undecided users in the most appropriate way, managing to interpret their behaviour and intervening in real time.

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Trigger Campaigns

From personalising messages and product offers within the site, to sending targeted communications on several channels: thanks to Adabra's 300 types of triggers, it is possible to ring the user even when they choose to leave the site or not complete the purchase, or simply on the occasion of promotions and special offers.

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Push Notification

Communicate to your users in a timely manner even when they surf other sites: Adabra's push notifications allow you to communicate the right message at the right time, encouraging users to return to your site to take advantage of promotions and special offers.

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Google ADS Campaigns

Improve the performance of your Google ADS campaigns: with Adabra you can synchronize the audience segments you create and use them for campaigns, showing each user segment personalized messages related to their browsing behavior and consistent with their interests.

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