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It all begins with the In-depth Knowledge of Your Consumers

Thanks to a sophisticated tracking system Adabra is able to collect a lot of information about your users, even anonymous ones, from different data collection sources, both online and offline.
The platform will therefore allow you to understand and predict which segments are the most valuable, allowing you to create for each of them, a personalized browsing and redirecting experience that will increase their value over time.

Big Data System

All the data collected from the different online and offline sources, once normalized, converge into a Big Data system that acts as a unique collector of the multiple data related to your consumers.
This data provides a solid basis for analyzing the behavior of your target audience and creating personalized marketing experiences.

Different Sources of Data Origins

Adabra is able to collect and track data not only from your website and from the user interactions with your digital properties, but can also use data generated by offline systems such as cash systems, loyalty programs, CRM, ERP.


Segments are one of the main elements on which artificial intelligence expresses its full potential.
Machine Learning and predictive ability will allow to analyze and anticipate in a very accurate way the behaviors or the rewarding solicitations for each user belonging to each segment.

Custom Dashboards

Data collection is useless if consultation is not simple and functional to your type of business. It is essential to be able to keep the main KPIs monitored without any kind of effort.
Adabra's dashboards are customizable to reflect your specific needs and allow you to keep track of key indicators at all times.
Find out which audiences are contributing the most to your results and which customizations are generating real value.

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Profiling and Segmentation

The focus of your marketing activities, digital and non-digital, must be on your consumers.
Thanks to Adabra's advanced segmentation, you can use demographic, past and present behavior characteristics and understand where users are in the Customer Lifecycle, tracking their behavior both online and offline.
These dynamic segments, updated in real time, will allow you to get to know your users better, creating for them personalized experiences.

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Experience Manager

Thanks to Adabra's Experience Manager, you'll have the ability to easily and immediately configure different experiences for each user segment on the different channels available to you, keeping the overall experience under control and understanding which are the key points of this experience that bring the most value.

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