Adabra Integration - Contact Lab

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra

Would you like to improve your email marketing campaigns? Focus on content customization and you will reeengage your contacts with customized messages.

Thanks to the integration with ContactLab and Adabra you can exploit the full potential of artificial intelligence and advanced segmentation to realize effective email marketing automation strategies.

Discover the best customer clusters and send them confidential offers, or choose to engage customers who haven't bought for a long time with special offers: you can use ContactLab to send your emails and configure segments and content directly on Adabra.


Advanced and dynamic profiling and segmentation

High levels of content customization with custom products and texts

Effective workflows for up-selling and cross-selling strategies

User reengagement by sending targeted communications

E-mail Marketing

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Discover the full potential of Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

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