Adabra Integration - Webflow

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform | Adabra

Allow each user of your site to enjoy a relevant and valuable personalized experience.

With quick and easy integration via API, you can collect and integrate all your website user data on Adabra. They represent the basis for effective profiling, segmentation strategies and content personalization.

Know and recognize your users and show each of them customized content, articles, CTAs based on the interests shown and the navigation path taken within the site.

Grab the attention with personalized messages and increase the chances of an anonymous user becoming a loyal customer.


Quick integration with real-time data update
Ability to know and recognize your users thanks to effective profiling and dynamic segmentation strategies 
Creation of content personalization and lead nurturing strategies 
Ability to take advantage of the content on your site created with Webflow thanks to an effective system of content recommendations and behavioral messages.


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